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      Here at Intelligent Kinetics with holistic bodywork, chiropractic, massage therapy acupuncture in El Cerrito, CA we are here to serve you 7 days a week so you can get the relief you need with integrative and effective therapies to meet your lifestyle. Our natural and alternative treatments provide you lasting results in pain relief, joint mobility, good posture, stress relief, chronic health problems, cleansing programs for toxicity, nutritional therapies, facial rejuvenation and much more.

     You don't have to suffer needlessly anymore with your accelerated aging, headaches, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, muscle tension, fatigue, carpal tunnel, sports injury, auto accidents, whiplash, sciatica, knee or shoulder problems, hand or foot discomfort, hormone imbalance or pain.  Problems left untreated tend to get worse on their own.  Don't let that happen.  

     If we decide we can treat you, we'll help you feel better fast so you can live the life you want. Whether it be pain relief, more vitality and less stress, looking younger or improving your joint mobility, you can have and do it all.  Make the choice today.

     Call now for more information or consult one of our experienced family chiropractors, massage therapists or Chinese medical acupuncturists to see how we may help you feel better fast. 

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     Our alternative medical clinic is located in El Cerrito CA on San Pablo Ave at Fresno ave.  We serve the Bay Area and your neighbors with healthy options for pain-free living, stress relief and longevity!

 With Experienced Practitioners in:

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