Our massage therapists in El Cerrito, CA offer many varieties of massage therapy including myofascial, trigger point, deep tissue, sports, swedish, shiatsu, acupressure, hot stone/oil, aromatherapy and reiki.  At each visit, your experienced therapist will ask some questions and find out which treatment or blend of styles is best for you and your goals/budget.  

     Massage therapy helps with pain relief, flexibility, stress, anxiety, depression, injuries, insomnia, and trauma recovery.  Our center is very convenient to BART and located next to Albany and Berkeley.  From table warmers to soothing music, aromatherapy and superior oils and lotions, our expertise is in providing you a wonderful experience.  

     How can we serve you best?  Let us know.  We offer 60 min or 90 min therapeutic massages and offer package discounts and monthly plans for maximum savings.  

Sorry we are closed!  Please call or email for records requests, billing questions, refunds and other information.  Thank you.

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Massage Therapy


Bob Little, D.C. Pain Management Specialist-

Amazing blend of hot stone, deep tissue/swedish and active muscle therapy release add-ons.